Video Accessories · June 25, 2023

AI Track ePTZ Webcam: Auto Frame, Noise Reduction, Wide Field, Dual Stream

Embark on a superior virtual communication experience with our advanced ePTZ Webcam. Featuring intelligent tracking, automated framing, a broad field of view (FOV), rapid frames per second (fps), digital zoom capabilities, and dual live streaming, this is a device designed to surpass expectations. Adding to its proficiency, it comes with a powerful noise-cancelling feature to ensure pristine audio quality.
Experience a new standard in virtual interactions with our advanced ePTZ Webcam. Outfitted with artificial intelligence, the device possesses the ability to track movements with precision. The auto framing feature smoothly keeps you in the centre, eliminating the need for continuous manual adjustments. A wide field of view, coupled with a high frames-per-second rate, assures smooth, comprehensive visuals.

Enhance your digital presence with the camera’s impressive zoom capabilities. This feature allows for detailed, close-up views, providing a more engaging and intimate interaction.

Unique to our device, the dual live streaming feature allows for simultaneous broadcast on multiple platforms. This increases your reach, taking your virtual interactions to a broader audience.

Never compromise on sound quality with the noise-cancelling feature. This sophisticated addition eliminates background noise, ensuring that your voice comes across loud and clear, no matter where you are.

Our ePTZ Webcam embodies a fusion of technology and user-friendly design, promising a superior virtual interaction experience that caters to a range of user needs.
Q: What makes the ePTZ Webcam’s AI tracking special?
A: The intelligent tracking feature uses artificial intelligence to monitor and follow movements with high accuracy, keeping you perfectly framed at all times.

Q: Can I broadcast on multiple platforms at the same time?
A: Yes, the dual live streaming feature enables you to broadcast simultaneously across various platforms.

Q: How effective is the noise-cancelling feature?
A: The noise-cancelling feature is designed to filter out background noise effectively, ensuring your voice is heard clearly.

Q: How wide is the field of view?
A: The wide field of view ensures a comprehensive visual experience, capturing a broad range of space around you.

Q: How can the digital zoom enhance my virtual interactions?
A: The digital zoom allows for close-up visuals, making your virtual interactions more engaging and detailed.