Guides · March 15, 2022

Best Next-Gen Controller Dualsense PS5 Controller

Playstation DualSense Wireless Controller

As I write this, the PS5 is not yet released, and therefore neither is its controller. But since the next-gen consoles are so close that we can feel them, I had to tell you about the new Dualsense controller for the PS5.

I haven’t had a chance to try this controller, but with so many great new features, it would be criminal not to include it in this list. And of course, I’ll update it as soon as I get my hands (literally) on this gamepad that changes the game.

Playstation has kept its controllers relatively similar to the original PS One controller, but this year marks a big step forward in immersive gameplay. From now on, VR won’t be the only way to feel in the game.

Haptic feedback allows you to feel exactly what’s going on. In Spiderman: Miles Morales, when you use a “venomous punch,” you feel the charge move to the left side of the controller and come out on the right side when you throw the punch. In Astro’s Playroom, you can feel the difference between walking on sand and walking on metal. If you’ve already experienced Nintendo’s HD rumble, consider this the next step.

Adaptive triggers also change depending on the action: you can feel the resistance of pulling a bow, the recoil of a compressed spring, or the force of a sharp turn on a race track. Not to mention all the other innovative ideas that game developers will come up with. They really bring that immersion of touch into games.

PlayStation has also significantly improved the speaker on their controller, so you won’t be rushing to turn that feature off. The sound is subtle, immersive and crisp.

Other improvements include a built-in microphone, better battery life, a sleeker design, more precise motion controls, and even more satisfying buttons, triggers, and sticks than the Dualshock 4.

I can’t wait to feel this controller in my hands. I don’t know how these features will translate to the PC, but even without them, I can see this being the best controller for the next generation.