Guides · March 11, 2022

Best PC Controller for FPSs ASTRO Gaming C40 TR PS4 Controller

ASTRO Gaming C40 Tr Controller - PlayStation 4

This is one of the most controversial controllers on this list. How can a controller be controversial? Well, let me refer you to the N64, the three-pronged beauty that caused all sorts of arguments among gamers.

And the reason why it is so controversial? Because shooting game enthusiasts consider the C40 to be their holy grail, while those looking for a versatile professional controller may end up with their hands full.

However, I’m not talking about the iconic N64 controller  a third-party version of which can be purchased for PC, I’m talking about the ASTRO Gaming C40 TR.

Literally. This thing is a beast. Its sheer size may turn most people off, prompting many complaints that this controller is “too expensive,” “difficult to use,” and “too heavy.”

These statements are true and understandable for gamers who weren’t expecting the size of the C40. However, for many FPS fans, the C40 is exactly what you want in a controller.

A heavy feel, customizable trigger sensitivity and trigger stops for easy trigger reactions make the C40 an unstoppable force in FPS games.

Add to that the interchangeable D-pad and analog stick for PlayStation or Xbox preferences, remappable back buttons, and wired or wireless option, and you’ve got a PC gaming controller that will serve you for years.