Video Accessories · May 28, 2023

Black Wirecast PTZ Camera HDMI – Optical Zoom SDI IP, Live Streaming with PoE, Displaying Authentic Colors

A product revelation: Our Black Wirecast PTZ Camera! Meticulously engineered, it supports HDMI, Optical Zoom, SDI, and IP Live Streaming, effortlessly powered by PoE. Offering exceptional image quality with natural, true-to-life colors, this device makes every broadcast visually stunning.
Envision superb clarity and extraordinary color reproduction in your broadcasts. Our Black Wirecast PTZ Camera furnishes HDMI support, offering crystal clear, high-definition output for every live stream. On top of this, the integral Optical Zoom facilitates detailed capture from afar, enabling close-ups without compromising the image’s integrity.

When it comes to connectivity, the camera is unbeatable. It employs SDI and IP protocols for live streaming, providing seamless integration with various systems. This adaptability allows the user to take full control over the streaming process.

Moreover, the device champions Power over Ethernet (PoE), alleviating the need for separate power cables, simplifying installation, and maintaining a clean setup. But the ultimate selling point? This camera’s unique ability to reproduce true, vivid colors, making every live stream incredibly lifelike.

Each feature of the Black Wirecast PTZ Camera is thoughtfully designed to create an uncompromising, immersive live streaming experience. A must-have tool for every broadcaster, it is a guarantee for engaging, high-quality content.
Q: What protocols does this camera support for live streaming?
A: The Black Wirecast PTZ Camera supports both SDI and IP protocols, ensuring compatibility with a variety of systems.

Q: How does the camera receive power?
A: This model incorporates Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, allowing it to receive power through the same cable that transmits data, reducing clutter and simplifying installation.

Q: How does the Optical Zoom work in this camera?
A: The built-in Optical Zoom allows the camera to zoom in on distant objects without losing image clarity, providing detailed captures even from afar.

Q: What makes the color reproduction of this camera exceptional?
A: Our Black Wirecast PTZ Camera is designed to display true, lifelike colors, adding authenticity and visual appeal to every live stream.