Video Accessories · May 26, 2023

Complete Direction Microphone Muting Key | Plug & Play Condenser | PC, Laptop, Mac, LED Light | Flexible Neck

Introduce we do, the fully directional computer microphone with muting key, a Plug & Play condenser, appropriate for desktop PCs, laptops, and Mac systems. It houses an LED indicator, paired with a gooseneck structure, allowing convenient and versatile utilization.
Product of much demand, our microphone offers unparalleled flexibility and quality. Bestowing the characteristic of omnidirectionality, it enables capturing sound from all angles. The microphone features a mute button – no need for navigating complicated software to mute yourself.

The Plug & Play technology ensures that you don’t need to install any additional drivers to start using the microphone. It is entirely compatible with desktop PCs, laptops, and Mac devices.

Its gooseneck design provides the freedom to adjust the microphone to the desired position. Equally important, it bears an LED indicator, simplifying the mute status checking process. The LED light changes color, showcasing when the microphone is live and when it is muted.

A combination of convenience and professionalism, the microphone gives a boost to your online meetings, gaming, podcasting, and streaming activities.
Q: Does this microphone need any extra software for working?
A: No, it uses Plug & Play technology. Connect it to your PC, laptop, or Mac, and it starts working right away.

Q: Can I adjust the microphone to my preferred position?
A: Yes, you can. The microphone has a flexible gooseneck design which lets you adjust it as you want.

Q: How will I know if the microphone is on mute?
A: The microphone comes with an LED indicator. It changes color, indicating whether the microphone is live or muted.