Video Accessories · June 17, 2023

N620E FPS ePTZ Webcam: In-Built AutoFocus, Digital Zoom, Ring Light, Privacy Shroud, Bundled Skype Software – Ideal for Teams

An impressive technological companion for remote work or video chat is this N620E FPS ePTZ Webcam. With advanced features like AutoFocus, Digital Zoom, and a built-in Ring Light, this device ensures top-tier video calls. Additionally, your privacy is not overlooked with the integrated privacy cover. Pre-packaged Skype software completes the user-friendly package.
Working remotely or keeping in touch with loved ones around the globe has never been more effortless or comfortable, thanks to the N620E FPS ePTZ Webcam. The device packs innovative AutoFocus technology, ensuring that you are always in clear view, regardless of your surroundings or distance from the camera. Its digital zoom offers the advantage of close-ups without compromising video quality.

In dimly lit environments, the webcam’s in-built ring light jumps into action, providing perfect illumination. This feature helps in keeping your video feed bright and clear, making it an ideal choice for all types of video calls or streaming needs.

The N620E FPS ePTZ Webcam also prioritises privacy with its easy-to-use cover. When not in use, simply activate the shroud for peace of mind against unwanted access. Lastly, the webcam comes bundled with Skype software, simplifying the setup process and ensuring you’re ready to connect with the world in no time.

Suitable for both professional and personal use, the N620E FPS ePTZ Webcam is a robust, feature-packed option that guarantees seamless video interaction every time.
Q: Does the N620E FPS ePTZ Webcam work well in low light conditions?
A: Absolutely. The integrated ring light helps ensure clear visuals, even in poorly lit areas.

Q: Can I zoom in during a call without losing video quality?
A: Yes, the digital zoom feature of the webcam ensures quality isn’t compromised when zooming in.

Q: Is my privacy guaranteed with the N620E FPS ePTZ Webcam?
A: Indeed. The webcam comes with an in-built privacy shroud that you can activate when not in use, offering peace of mind.

Q: Is the Skype software necessary for the webcam to work?
A: No, the webcam can function with other software. The bundled Skype software is for convenience and ease of setup.