Guides · March 11, 2022

Razer Naga Trinity The best for MMO and MOBA games

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse: 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Chroma RGB Lighting -...

There’s a reason why Razer has become a household name around the world. They’ve been a part of the gaming industry since, well since the beginning, and have continued to push the boundaries of gaming ever since. The Razer Naga Trinity mouse is no exception, challenging what it means to be a gaming mouse and more specifically an MMO mouse with its unique and innovative design.

The Trinity is part of the Razer Naga series and its name is quite appropriate. This gaming mouse has three distinct thumb panels, which you can change as easily as removing a magnet. From the typical 12-panel thumb button to a more focused MOBA gaming mouse, it is similar to the Naga Hex and even has a 2-panel button design for FPS games. The Razer Naga Trinity essentially gives you three different mice in one for a reasonable price, if I may add.

Now, if you’re a big Razer fan, you’re probably wondering why this design looks so familiar. Well, the Razer Naga Trinity isn’t the first gaming mouse to do the “3 different side panels” thing. Before the Naga Trinity, there was the Razer Naga Pro, but that gaming mouse wasn’t nearly as well executed as the Trinity. Although they are both part of the Razer Naga series, the Trinity improves on almost every aspect of the Naga Pro.

The Razer Naga Trinity MMO gaming mouse is easily considered by some to be the best MMO mouse around. The scroll wheel and thumb buttons, as well as the Razer logo under the palm, feature RGB lighting that you can change via Razer’s Synapse software.

As for the thumb panel itself, it’s held in place by very strong magnets. The panels are easily removable but also stay in place unless you want to remove them.

The first panel is your typical 12 button MMO mouse, the second is a collection of 7 buttons arranged in a circular fashion, similar to the Naga Hex, as mentioned earlier. When I tested the 7 button panel, I was amazed at how much it improved my performance in League of Legends. The 7 buttons are ideal for MOBA games, they are not too many, like in a 12 button MMO mouse, and not too few like in a FPS mouse. To be honest, I’m surprised more brands haven’t made similar designs, the only other example I can think of is, as mentioned before, the Naga Hex and Naga Hex V2.

One of the reasons I wouldn’t use it strictly for FPS games is that the mouse is too tall and heavy, even with all the side panels removed (which is not recommended). Also, this gaming mouse is not recommended for people with small hands or fingertip grip. However, the ergonomic mouse itself is very comfortable, but the overall feel changes depending on which button panel you use.

As for the 2-button side panel, unlike the other two, it doesn’t have RGB lighting and is a bit lighter than the other two. Despite this, I wouldn’t choose the Razer Naga Trinity over any other dedicated FPS mouse. This device from Razer is for people who are primarily interested in MMO gaming rather than general gaming.

The Razer Naga mouse is covered with a solid plastic and it is soft to the touch. The feet of the mouse are made of PTFE, as is the norm, nothing out of the ordinary here. As for the cable, it’s a bit stiff and not very flexible, but it’s braided and will last you a long time.

The optical sensor is actually a proprietary sensor called Razer 5G, with a minimum value of 100 and maximum of 16000, with 2 buttons just below the scroll wheel intended to adjust the DPI setting on the way. The sensor is actually very good and I had no problems with it during the mouse test.